On Thursday 19 March I made a number of changes to the ecopolis site. These are designed to streamline the menus, clean up its presentation and clarify its purpose.
A similar exercise will be undertaken with the Paul Downton site in the next day or two.

The challenging tedium of building an online shop…

I’d thought my ‘shop’ was ready to rock and roll, but there’s still a step I haven’t figured out yet. But hey, I’m a writer! And I must confess that I harbour a strong antipathy to having to derail my brain in order to translate techspeak into understandable instructions just to be able to sell a few words. But such is life. Stay with me folks!

Book of Doggerel available soon!

Just as soon as I’ve loaded the necessary software and confirmed that this site is sufficiently secure, I’ll be putting my toe in the water of the oceanic internet to make a booklet available that has been inspired by a small white canine. Yes, really.
It’s called The Carrum Doggerel Collection – Pooch Poetry by Snowy Dog. He wrote it, I translated and illustrated it, Chérie edited it, and the local dog-on-the-beach community seem to love it! So I hope you will too. You can follow Snowy Dog on Instagram:

Spam and nonsense

I thought the idea of a spam catcher was to stop the stuff clogging up the site. Maybe I got the settings wrong. Anyhow, now that I’ve got rid of over 4,300 ‘pending comments’, I’m hoping things might speed up, improve, whatever. And it’s high time I got the site active as intended.
I’ve made some adjustments to change my status to retired architect as I’m now focussing on writing, drawing, and survival!
The nonsense? That’s a whole lot of verse I’ve been condemned to write by my fevered brain. You’ll be able to see some soon on the site and on this publishing site for my various musings you’ll eventually be able to purchase a little booklet.